Logistic Support Services
Springfish provides logistic support across the complete life cycle of a system.

Supply Support
For Supply Support, it is important to provide the correct quantity, correct objects as subject of the logistics (goods, persons, energy, information) at the correct location (source, drain) in the system at the correct time and quality at the correct costs. Hereby, Springfish supports you.

Technical Documentation
Good documentation decisively contributes to the success of a product and, in many cases, is decisive when purchasing. It reduces the consequential costs of the product, also increases the profit, disburdens the customer service department, reduces warranty claims and improves the image of the manufacturer. Therefore, a higher standard of quality of the technical documentation should not only be the objective of every company. We provide the following services:

  • Preparing spare parts lists and catalogues
  • Preparing technical illustrations
  • Preparing operating instructions
  • Preparing maintenance manuals
  • Preparing interactive technical documentation (IETD)
  • Providing an amendment service for documentation
  • Advising in the creation of your documentation
  • Translations into all languages required

Technical Logistic Support
Within the framework of the TLS services, we provide services for obtaining, preparing and providing information included within the framework of the maturity of products being utilized.

Individual program training in the editorial sector
Training in introducing the regulations and standards, such as S1000D and S2000M
Introducing SGML/XML
Structured working using SGML/XML
Integrated Logistic Support (ILS),
Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), (in accordance with MIL-STD-1388 / 2A, 2B, UK-DEF-0060, ASD S3000L)
Life Cycle Cost (LCC),
Configuration Management
Reliability/Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)
Project management