Our CGM-CHECKER is a program for checking illustrations in the binary CGM, CGM and SVG format in accordance with specified rules specific to the project.

Using easily adaptable rules, the check can be carried out across all drawing objects, e.g.

  • Text, lines, paths,
  • embedded raster graphics,
  • levels
  • etc.

about their visual or non-visual characteristics. As required, existing rules can be quickly activated and deactivated.

Based on their content, text is recognized as CSN (item), reference, multiplicator etc. and can be checked differentiated.

Multiplicators, available at a defined distance to the CSN, can be allocated to these and, thus, quantities (without "garden fences" and detail letters) over multiple page illustrations can be evaluated.

The hotspot of illustrations converted into the SVG format can be coloured. This enables a visual check of illustrations with "complete hotspots".

Added value:

  • Uniform test result
  • Improving quality of the data
  • No formal errors - more time for the essentials
  • Reducing the time necessary
  • Increase in efficiency - cost reduction
  • Simple adaptation to the test rules
  • High user-friendliness
  • No installation required